Course Reflections

1.) Which of the three goals do you feel you improved upon the most? Better reader, better writer, or better speaker and listener?

Hmmm I would have to say better writer. I've always enjoyed writing, so I guess I had somewhat of a knack for it before this class even started. However, my writing greatly improved thanks to this class. The information on transition words, MLIA format, etc. really helped me to take into consideration the organization and flow of my writing. Heck, I didn't even know what bridge sentences were before I learned about them in this class. Perhaps I used bridge sentences without even knowing it before, but that's beside the point. I've become a better writer because now I can actually define what is that I'm doing as I write, whether I'm developing a thesis statement using the thesis statement formula or constructing bridge sentences to make my essay coherent. Also, we wrote quite a few essays and paragraphs and things in this class, and practice makes perfect. So, I may have become a better reader, even though I sometimes don't really think in depth about what I'm reading. I may have become a better listener, even though I often daydream. I may have become a better speaker, although I still grow self concious and stutter in front of people. However, I can say for certain that I have indeed become a better writer.

2.) How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?

Well for starters, the books we've read have opened my eyes to new ideas and made me think differently about things. For example, Inherit the Wind taught me that it's not okay in the least bit to prosecute someone for their beliefs. Huck Finn and The Secret Life of Bees showed me how horrible discrimination is, even though it still exists in the world today. Tuesdays With Morrie, well, I don't really have to say anything about that book because it is a life lesson in itself. To get to the poin though, the books we read related to a lot of conflicts that take place in the world today. I remember we had a discussion or something in class one day about what our responsibility in this world is. Well, I happen to think that as students, our responsibility is to do whatever we can to try and solve these issues. No matter how small of seemingly insignificant our help may seem, every bit of help counts. Basically, this course taught me to care, to be concerned, and to help whenever and wherever I can.

3.) What will you take away from this class? What will you remember?

For one, I will always remember our crazy class discussions. There were definitely a couple "dominant" people in our class that always got into heated debates over, well, anything and everything, to the point where you had to set a time limit to our discussions so that we didn't waste the entire class period. Although I tend to think that that was the plan sometimes...Anyway, I will definitely take away educational tid bits like "passive voice is a big no-no" and "when citing a quotation the period comes after the page number unless an exclamation point or question mark is used instead." Oh and who can forget funny things like Sadow Simpkin's crazy shrieking laughs and the way that you (Mr. H) would find something (like a quote in Huck Finn) absolutely hysterical and everyone would laugh (except we were laughing at you for laughing at a book) Ahhh, but I digress....This class was quite an experience, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible.

Self Evaluation

1.) Did I achieve my personal goals for this course?

I'm gonna go right ahead and say Yes, I think i did achieve my personal goals. I mean, I can't really remember what my goals were...but I definitely learned a lot and improved my writing. And I an A! (Well, so far...We'll see how the final goes...)Who could ask for more? I probably could have participated more in class, like when we did the vocab exercises out of the books, but I was always afraid that I either wouldn't catch the ball when you called on me or I'd get hit smack dab in the face with it...But other than that, I'm happy enough with what I achieved in this class.

2.) Did I give my personal best?

For the most part, yes I believe I gave my personal best in this class. I mean, there might have been a vocab sentence assignment or class worksheet that I didn't spend hours of my time working on and scrutinizing, but hey I'm only human. Other than stuff like that, I think I spent my fair share of time in my room on weekends and school nights writing and refining essays and, that one time, taking four hours to draw a poster for the Of Mice and Men ranch competition. All in all, I worked hard in this class, and I'm really going to miss it when the semester changes. Honestly.